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PenLearn is one of a kind, fully automated e-learning portal that can be used by schools, universities and training institutes to offer low cost learning solution to a large number of students. It can also be used to corporate for automating staff training through their Learning and Development departments. The solution is based on our FLOW business process automation platform. If you are looking to move your learning delivery online, we are here to help.

Here are some of the features of PenLearn

Create unlimited courses

Each courses can then be offered through different classes. Assign students and teaches to a class and you are good to go

Share course materials

Upload PDFs, Images, videos and share with students. Students can take notes start a discussion while studying

Ask a question

Students are able to ask a question while they are view a course material. Instructors can view all queries in one location and respond to each query.

Give an assignment

Students can be given individual or group assignments. Students can complete assignments and upload the working documents. Assignments can be reviewed and graded by the instructor

Take online exams

Instructors can create test questionnaires that includes multiple choice, text, true/false, number type questions. Tests are timed and can be auto marked.

Create a workflow

Organisations can customise the assignment and exam review mechanism by designing review workflows. Tasks are allocated to students and instructors based on the workflow design.

Course completion certificates

On completion of a course, the student can be get an online certificate. Certificates can be designed by the organisation.

View reports

Organisations can view dashboards and reports for the entire class. Students can view review their own reports.

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