AutoComply is unique compliance solution that automates the entire compliance operations within your organisation. Use AutoComply to design your compliance process, capture compliance data from base systems, automate rule base scoring and preform continuous monitoring of controls.

Why AutoComply?

1. Configure compliance processes

Compliance processes vary with the type of compliance programs. For instance a vendor contract compliance process is different from an information security compliance process. AutoComply lets you design and configure each compliance process from scratch including setting up of compliance teams, questionnaire, review mechanism, scoring, SLAs and reporting through configurable workflows.

How do you benefit? You do not have to change the way you run your compliance programs. Compliance programs can be set up within hours and your compliance program runs on an autopilot. Save significant time and money by moving to workflow based compliance reviews.

You can create an entity

Create a dataset that you would like to be the base data for your compliance reporting. For instance, if you would like to perform Contract Compliance, you need to have a list of contracts as a starting point. Other example of dataset include vendors, employees, properties etc. You can create a dataset with ease by adding custom data fields, creating data entry forms and even associating an approval process for data validation.

Create compliance questionnaire

Once your dataset is ready, you can create compliance questionnaires for the dataset. A single dataset can be linked to multiple questionnaires. A questionnaire can have unlimited questions. Response to a question could be in the form of single-select or multi-select options, text inputs or number inputs. Question can be categorised and are displayed in tabs.

Create compliance review workflow

All compliance review do not follow the same review mechanisms. AutoComply allows you to create a compliance workflow with ease. You can define the levels of review, the teams that would perform compliance audit and review, the scoring matrix etc.

2. One click compliance

Are you still executing compliance programs manually, using a checklist based questionnaire? With AutoComply, we can retrieve compliance data from source systems and complete the questionnaire with a click of a button. AutoComply workflow manager allows you to configure compliance processes as per your needs.

How do you benefit? Manage large compliance programs comprising of hundreds of questionnaires with ease. Avoid human error by letting AutoComply gather compliance data from source systems.

Initiate multiple compliance audits at the same time

Initiate a new compliance program by selecting multiple records for an entity record-set. For example, in order to initiate a contract compliance program, select a set of contracts that needs to be reviewed. Initiate multiple audits tasks with the click of a button. Auditors and reviewers will be allocated tasks as per the compliance workflow.

Auto – update data from source systems

AutoComply allows you to fetch compliance data from varied data sources systems through implementation of custom APIs. If you want to completely automate your compliance process, we can help automate your compliance process.

3. Comprehensive review scoring

AutoComply helps you automate scoring of compliance questionnaire by matching responses to predefined rules. The rules may include data points that are defined in the underlying datasets. Scores are computed on the fly.

How do you benefit? Compliance scores are accurate as they are calculated based on pre-defined rules. Save time and resource through real-time compliance evaluation.

Define SLA for each entity record (optional)

Compliance questions are often based on the terms set in the underlying dataset. For instance, we know that ‘Payments Terms’ vary for each vendor contract. If we want to review adherence to payment terms, we need to compare user response with the relevant data elements within the vendor dataset. AutoComply allows you to link questions to data elements within the dataset. Results are computed on the fly based on user response.

Compliance score

Compliance scores are auto calculated based on based on pre-defined rules for each response. Scrores can be presented in various formats including Pass/ Fail, Graded percentages, absolute scores etc.

4. Real-time monitoring

Monitor review progress and results as they happen.

Track review finding to closure

Create findings for each compliance questions. Finding scan be tracked and closed by management and audit teams

Dashboards and reports

Comprehensive dashboards and reports facilitates real-time monitoring of review progress and results of large compliance programs